What is Clickfunnel

So, what is ClickFunnel? It is an open source web based email marketing software that is used by many people worldwide. There are very good chances that because you have landed on this page, you are already aware of ClickFunnels and probably looking for more info on this software or maybe the possibilities are that you have not heard of ClickFunnels yet. If that is the case, don’t worry, we will start with the basics. What is ClickFunnel? Read more – funnelenthusiasts.com/what-is-clickfunnel

What is ClickFunnel?

We will see in this short but intensive how to get started with ClickFunnel and a how to get started with the whole internet marketing thing. You can also read a more in depth how to get started with a sales funnel program in our in-depth clickfunnels review at the end of this article. So, what is this program about anyway? We will see in this short how to get started with ClickFunnel, so let’s get started.

With ClickFunnel, you will be able to easily and quickly build up your email marketing business with little to no effort from you. All you need to do is copy your web pages in whatever format you want to use one of the many free web templates provided by ClickFunnel. Once your pages are copied and pasted into the software, you just need to click the Create Sales Funnel button and that’s it. Now all you need to do is start building those web pages like you would normally and send out email marketing campaigns to your list of subscribers.

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