spk strain

Spk strain is a potent sativa that is cultivated from a cross of Sour Diesel and Candyland. It has high levels of THC and CBD that are ideal for treating depression, anxiety and mood swings.


Spk is a Sativa-dominant strain that offers upbeat effects with waves of euphoria that can last for hours on end. This strain can also help relieve stress and numb pain.

During the flowering process, spk strain produces buds that are light green on the smaller side with frosty amber trichomes. These buds have a pungent aroma of diesel and sweet earth.

SPK Strain Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Effects, Flavors, and Medical Benefits

spk strain has a high THC concentration that ranges from 24-31%. This strain will leave you feeling energised, with waves of euphoria accompanied by a pungency.

Strain Characteristics

Spk is a sativa-dominant strain that has a moderate level of cultivation difficulty and requires special conditions for optimal growth. This strain is best suited for experienced growers and offers rich harvests of 400-550 g per plant in indoor and outdoor settings.


Spk Strain can be used for a variety of ailments including stress, depression, chronic fatigue and migraines. It can also be used to help treat pain, nausea and anxiety.

TNF Levels and MDA Contention

The expression of TNF-a in colon tissues elevated dramatically after acetic acid treatment, but the expression of this proinflammatory cytokine decreased significantly on day 7 in SPK group. This suggests that the administration of SPK strain could reduce oxidative stress in rat ulcerative colitis by inhibiting TNF-a production.

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