A lock picking set lockpicking kit have everything you need to open a variety of locks. While skill is lockpick tools , the right picks can help you get through even the most difficult locks. There are several types of picks, but most fall into one of three categories: hook options, rakes, and circular or half-diamond models.

A hook is a long piece of metal with a bent end that can lift a single pin inside a lock. This is often what novice pickers use and it’s a great way to learn the basics. They are also useful for reaching lower pins that are shielded by taller ones. Hooks can be more fragile than other picks, but they’re a good choice for beginners because they’re cheap and durable enough to handle some abuse.Locksmith Essentials: The Professional’s Toolkit of Lock Picking GearRakes have a shaped end that mimics the shape of the key’s lock pins and can manipulate multiple pins simultaneously. This is a faster picking method than SPP and requires a bit of luck, but it can work well for low-security locks or those without radical bitting. Rakes are available in several different shapes and sizes, but you’ll need a long, thin pick to achieve success.

¬†LThe Professional’s Toolkit of Lock Picking Gear

Circular or half-diamond options have a rounded end that functions as a small ramp and can gently lift the lock’s internal pins. This isn’t a great option for standard pin tumblers, but it can be used to quickly open wafer locks or tubular lock systems.

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