hot wheels display case

For fans of the Hot Wheels line of toys, there is no question that a Hot Wheels display case is a must-have. This first of it’s kind display case stores up to 50 hot wheels vehicles as an homage to the 50 year history of racing super cars that revolutionized a world without bounds! The display case stands on its own or can be mounted on a wall to create a dynamic display that’s sure to get people talking. Perfect for growing a prized collection or simply storing a new hot wheels toy.

How to Find Hot Wheels Display Cases

Available in a variety of sizes, from small single passenger editions right up to oversized vehicles the Hot Wheels Display case is a great way to store your beloved toys! Constructed of a sturdy and heavy duty plastic, the case is also available in several colors, with custom paint applications easy to accessorize to complete your set. One of the most popular sizes available is the small Single passenger edition, holding up to five vehicles and making a great grab and go gift. These are easily stored under a bed or dresser with room to spare for future acquisitions. Perfect for younger children or for a garage sale the larger double versions are perfect for long road trips and allow you to take more than one toy with you.

If your child is a devoted fan of Hot Wheels it might be worth investing in a Hot Wheels display case. Available in a multitude of styles and dimensions, these beautiful displays are designed to store an expansive range of Hot Wheels toys and are very safe to store even the most delicate and costly collections. Constructed of heavy duty polyethylene with a textured surface and powder coating, the display cases are sturdy and look great. Each includes a display shelf, a coin rack and an attached mirror for your quick viewing of your collection. As with all Hot Wheels product, there is a wide variety of accessories available, including track systems, collectible figurines and of course, the Hot Wheels cars themselves. Whether you are planning a large toy collection or just a few, there is a Hot Wheels display case that will suit your needs perfectly.

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