Fungal nail infection is quite a common nail abnormality caused by fungi which naturally occur in our body anti-transpirant. Fungal infection of the nails generally starts with an ingrown toenail fungal nail which – once fungi prosper and grow under the tough toenails and finally make their way to the warm and damp environment underneath the nail plate, the fungal infection then begins. Once fungi colonize the toenails, they form an exfoliating mass under the nail surface. This exfoliation can become so thick that the individual may not be able to feel the thickened toenail at all. Nail thickening and damage caused by the infected toenail can cause pain and further inflammation and damage if not treated and removed as soon as possible.

Save Time And Resources With The Right Treatments

There are various different methods to get rid of this problem depending on the severity of the infection. It might be best to start with over-the-counter fungal nail treatments such as Vicks for the treatment of fungal nail infections. However, these remedies only provide temporary relief to the symptoms. You may need to try out more potent solutions which are available without a prescription. These potent solutions include Zetaclear or Dermisil which have been approved by the FDA to effectively get rid of this kind of infection.

While some people may consider wearing cotton socks and athletic shoes as a remedy, this is not a good practice because it does not allow the feet to breathe properly. In order to prevent fungal growth, you should wear open-toed shoes. This allows ample air circulation around the feet that prevent excessive moisture from forming which could be conducive for fungal growth. You should also use foot powders like podophyllin to prevent fungal infection from developing because the fungi feed on the dead skin cells found on the surface of the nails. If you are an athlete and suffer from fungal nail infection, you may need to wear protective gear like toe clips, gloves and other sports gear to prevent further damage to your toes and hands while participating in your chosen sport.

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