Nelson, New Zealand is a beautiful place with some stunning scenery – which is one reason why many people want to hire a landscape architect in order to take advantage of this beauty. A landscape architect Nelson can work on a variety of different projects from water features and bridges to parks and public areas. You may have seen pictures or video of the landscapes in New Zealand and wondered what type of designer ended up doing the designs – and who did they end up being? Here is a look at a few of the most famous designers that have come to the country to work.

Famous Landscape Architects in New Zealand

John Lycott was born in Pitfield and has designed a number of public works including a children’s pond in Christchurch. Lycott has also worked for the city of Christchurch as an artist and has created numerous churches and buildings in the area. According to his website he has received many awards for his designs and has been invited to exhibit in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Nelson businessman Peter Finch owns a company called Finch Enterprises and he has used Lycott’s designs when constructing a commercial building. Lycott states that he would like to continue working in the field of landscape architecture but would enjoy the chance to travel more.

Richard Rogers is another landscape architect that has worked in New Zealand. His career has been defined by the creation of the Botanic Gardens in Auckland. He has also worked with the Government and the construction of the marae in Kaikoura. In addition, he has been a producer and director of several motion pictures, including one called Spirit of New Zealand.

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