Elton John’s Annual Design Center Gala

Every year, after the Oscars, Elton John once again Kitchen Design Team | DCIv hosts a gala celebration at the famous Pacific Design Center (PDC). This may give you the false impression that only the rich and famous can afford to attend these parties, but with some hard work you can find a listing of a few of the parties that are catered by the world’s most famous designer. Elton John’s parties are always highly popular and respected among those who attend them.


The Elton John Segal Center on Melrose Avenue is the largest single gathering of design and home builders in Los Angeles. There are also other smaller gatherings of this type in the downtown area of the city. Attendees at these large gatherings tend to be elite names in the field of architecture as well as interior design. The Elton John Segal Center has a long history hosting prestigious parties and the selection process for participating in the parties is rigorous. To be listed in the invitation, the selected contractor must submit a lengthy written proposal accompanied with photographs and renderings of the proposed project along with an extensive description of the contractor’s experience and the expected cost of the project.


Once the invitation has been issued it is imperative that each attendee turn up on time. If the desired contractor does not arrive on time then another selection process will be immediately initiated. The Pacific Design Center is one of the few design centers in the country that do not use a first come-first served policy. This means that home buyers are constantly in line, often to the point where it becomes rowdy. The Pacific Design Center is also notorious for having a large turn over of contractors which leads to a lot of competition for those remaining hired. These parties are also hosted by some of the most prestigious designers in the country.

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