Clairvoyance is a psychic voyance discount audiotel that allows you to see images, flashes, or symbols. It’s a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). People who have clairvoyance can also perceive the auras of other people, which look like bands of light around their bodies.

Often, clairvoyants have vivid dreams or visions that give them insights into what’s going on in the real world. Those who are clairvoyant can also see things in their environment that others cannot, such as seeing spirits of the deceased or even dark entities. Most of these visions happen within the mind’s eye, which is why it’s important to strengthen your third eye.

When it comes to predicting the future, clairvoyance is usually thought of as being the most important sense to have. However, there are other forms of psychic prediction, including clairaudience and clairsentience. Clairaudience is the ability to hear psychic energy, while clairsentience is the ability to feel it.

Unveiling the Subconscious Mind: How Clairvoyants Access Hidden Information

To enhance your clairvoyance, practice visualization exercises and focus on opening and strengthening your third eye. A favorite advanced exercise is to do remote viewing: choose a place you’ve never been in, but that you could go to. Visualize yourself walking into that building and noticing impressions of the interior. Practice until you can accurately get information through this technique. When you start, your answers may come as feelings or thoughts rather than a clear image, but that’s normal. Just keep asking the Higher Spirits to send you more clarity and trust that they will.

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