A new and unique backyard experience, Bullfrog Swim Spa is the perfect blend of therapy, fitness, and fun. With incredible safety features and the ability to customize your workouts with a selection of JetPaks, you can achieve total-body wellness in your own home.

Why not to buy a swim spa?

As the only manufacturer to use a patented support structure called the EnduraFrame, Bullfrog has become known for delivering durable, energy-efficient hot tubs that are easy to maintain and repair. In addition, they offer one of the best warranties in the industry with 10-year warranties on the shell structure and equipment. Link : https://www.southernleisurespas.com/swim-spas-dallas/

With a large selection of customizable options, the company’s 29 hot tub models and two swim spas can meet every budget. The most popular models include the A Series, R Series, and X Series. The company also offers a premium water care system called Clear Comfort, which is an advanced AOP (advanced oxidation process) that produces fresh, clean, and soft-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine levels.

The Bullfrog Swim Spa lineup offers two swim spas with seating for nine and 13 people, respectively. You can also upgrade your time soaking with the Swim Series’ optional multi-level seating, foot massagers, and headrests.

As a relative newcomer to the hot tub market, Bullfrog Spas has made a huge impact with innovations like their patented JetPak technology that allows you to select your favorite massage and move it from seat to seat. They’re also the only company to have a patented ozone sanitation system that uses water and oxygen to produce fresh, clean, and soft-feeling air and water without any harmful chemicals.

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