Bulk Liquid Transportation

Bulk liquids transportation is an essential element of the process of producing, distributing, and consuming many products. Many of these products have a short shelf life and must be carefully maintained during transport. This requires proper middleman logistics, which plays a critical role in the process. Additionally, the spirits industry relies on bulk liquid transportation to deliver their products to bars, nightclubs, and retail outlets. Without these services, the industry would not be able to exist. Click here – https://www.jadetransport.com/

Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind

Bulk liquids need to be cleaned and sterilised before transport. Any contamination during transport can result in dire consequences. Additionally, liquid bulk tanks must be carefully examined for any cracks or leaks. Even a small crack or leak can cause maximum damage. Leaks can also let oxygen into the cargo, contaminating it.

Bulk liquids are often heavily regulated. In fact, if the liquids are intended for human consumption, they must adhere to strict guidelines set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These regulations include proper sanitation, worker hygiene, pest control, and training. Proper labeling is crucial for safe bulk liquid transportation.

Bulk liquids are usually transported using ISO tank containers. ISO tank containers are made of stainless steel and covered in protective material. ISO tank containers can carry 21K to 40K liters of bulk liquid.

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