clothes hamper with lid

A clothes hamper with lid can help keep your dirty laundry out of sight and out of mind, which is a big deal for anyone who regularly produces more than a few loads a week. We recommend one with a lid that shuts easily but still lets in air, to prevent mustiness and mildew. The best ones also include dividers, so you can sort the washables from the dirties. If you want to save on money and storage space, look for a collapsible option that folds into a small circle or square when not in use.

For an eco-friendly, stylish laundry clothes hamper with lid, we love this one crafted from braided paper and jute, a durable plant fiber that regenerates quickly and is considered a renewable resource. It’s sturdy enough to resist tipping over even when stuffed full, and it comes with two detachable, machine-washable liner bags for easy transport to the washer. This basket also has holes for ventilation, so it won’t get musty if you don’t let your damp clothes air dry before tossing them in.

Tidy and Concealed: The Practicality of Clothes Hampers with Lids

This classic, hand-woven wicker laundry hamper is attractive enough to set out on display in your room. It has the kind of design features that GH Cleaning Lab test manager Jodhaira Rodriguez looks for in an ideal hamper, such as dual lids to hide your dirty laundry and double compartments on the inside so you can pre-sort your light and dark loads before laundry day. It’s also sized to hold a week or two of laundry, so you don’t have to make multiple trips on laundry day.

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