What Is It And How Does It Work?

If you have ever wondered what Imago therapy is all about and want to find out more about it, then read this article for more information. Imago is an innovative therapeutic treatment that has been developed to treat complex interpersonal conflicts. Many people do not realize that relationship conflicts are often quite complicated and require sophisticated techniques for resolution. In addition, many people may feel stifled by their own insecurities, leading to dysfunctional relationships. With Imago therapy, couples can work through their issues and learn how to solve them without relying on outside mediators or channels.

imago therapy

Imago’s Couples Therapy

Imago is a highly structured, sequential form of therapy which is highly effective for resolving marital issues. It is based on the notion that couples require a clear understanding of their relationship conflicts in order to have a healthy communication process and enjoy successful, productive interactions with each other. Once a couple has achieved this understanding, it is easier for them to work through their issues and come up with effective solutions. IRT is available for both straight couples as well as same-sex attracted couples. However, if your relationship is still painful or problematic, you may prefer to work with a trained therapist who will customize an individualized program just for you.

The great thing about using IRT is that you are able to go back and forth between groups, working through your issues and progress simultaneously. You will also be able to meet other therapists and have their help and advice to encourage you. This type of therapy has been found extremely helpful for improving relationships and marriages. Couples may find the program beneficial because of its structure, which allows for progress to be made rapidly and without a great deal of trial and error. By working with a trained therapist, you may also be able to get your relationship on track for the future.

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